The History of Oak Villa

My Husband and I purchased Oak Villa, as the house was named, around five years ago. The idea was that I could run a small home business from one of the rooms, as it had its own entrance.

over the next year my husband and I re-landscaped outside making a waste land into a great outdoor areas

The new look outside Oak Villa

From here the small home business grew and with the demand of massage, spa and beauty treatments growing Oak villa needed to take on other therapists and use more rooms. Slowly my husband and I where moved out of the business. We finished the outside with the painting of the house changing the dull blues to the wonderful colours pictured to the right.  

The renovation of the inside of Oak Villa Beauty Spa

The plans I had for the inside of Oak Villa as it grow needed us to get builders in, as we called on DeGeest a local firm to help us achieve my dream. The first part of this meant changing the old kitchen, which had been Oak Villas reception and staff area, into a purpose built spa treatment room.

The old area before renovations started below kitchen,right reception


Pictured above Karolyn a massage therapist at Oak villa making a booking in the old reception area.

Photos taken during the renovation, with the builder hard at work