Massage treatments

Alps to Ocean Massage

Sports & Deep Tissue to Relaxation

Alps to Ocean massage, is proud to be part of Oak villa beauty spa, offering specials and packages for group bookings.So if you are training for a sporting event or cycling the cycle paths, we can offer wonderful sports massages and bath deals.

Pre & post sports massage


Outdoor baths


Hydrotherapy indoor spa





Swedish /relaxation/aromatherapy Massages

Swedish & Aromatherapy are both therapeutic and very relaxing. Aromatherapy uses blended essential oils which work with the body to promote health. Swedish massage uses various techniques to improve circulation and promotes the removal of waste.

15mins                     $30

30mins                     $60

1 hour one person      $50

1 hour two people      $90

30mins for one person $45

for two people                $55






Full body one hour     $90

½ body half hour       $55


Deep tissue or Sports

Sports massage can be used before and after playing sports as a warm up or down, but can also help maintain your body & prevent injuries.


Deep Tissue Massage can help the body recover from injuries and help maintain the body.


One & a half hours               $145

One hour                                $100

three quarters of an hour    $80

Half an hour                         $65




Shiatsu is a massage that can be done with your clothes on. It can also be done on the floor rather than on a table. Shiatsu means finger pressure, but in fact feet, elbows, and thumbs are often used. This massage helps rebalance the body.


Full body one hour $95

Lymphatic drainage

All these massages are very different, but at the same time can achieve the same results. For example all massages help reduce the level of toxins in the body, but Lymphatic Drainage targets this area giving a much quicker result



Full body one hour $95


Hot stone massage

This treatment can create deep relaxation while the heat of the stones and their healing energy penetrates the deep layers of your muscles allowing you to experience a new level of de-stressing and tension release.


Full body

One & a half hours   $150

One hour                   $115

Half hour                   $70

Indian head massage

This treatment deeply relaxes, de-stresses and benefits the whole body. It can relieve the stress and tension of everyday life that manifests as a headache, sore neck and tense shoulders. The added benefit of this treatment is that the massage and oils used helps stimulate the scalp and hair follicles, to help put the naturally healthy shine back into your hair.



Three quarter hour    $65

with extra oils             $75